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Leather Work



Knife Sheaths


Pistol holsters

Saddle Bags

Brief Cases

Cowboy Gear

One of a Kind Wood Tables


Blue Streaked Pine


Ponderosa Pine


Custom Orders!

Custom made Leather Goods and Wood working in Dolores Colorado

Both Wood and leather have distinct grains. It is ingrained in my sight of the world. Whether it is a special table top, purse, or a briefcase I can see the project before I start and do my best for the person I create it for. Come to the Red Tail Creations showroom for all you custom made leather goods and wood working.

Keith "Zippy" Kessler

Handcrafted with Inspiration!

It all starts with an idea, Mine or Yours!

I very much enjoy working with another persons ideas and producing

a one of a kind piece of work we will be both

proud of!


Red Tail Creations

Antler Leather and Wood

What We Offer

The Red Tail

My life has been largely spent in the out of doors bicycling, hiking, working, camping and observing wildlife. The Red Tail Hawk has crossed my path many times and has given me inspiration thru it's flight, sharp vision, strength and awareness of the big picture. I marvel at what they must see and the freedom they possess.

I bring the Red Tail's vision, strength and freedom to all my work!